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Victoria Six Black Onyx and Pearl Earrings IMkXQ
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Wednesday 07.04.18 Open 12 noon To 5 pm Open 12 noon To 5 pm

The Aldrich

The AldrichContemporaryArt Museum

Association for Cultural Economics International

20th International Conference of the ACEI

The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) invites you to attend its 20th international conference on cultural economics to be held at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia from Tuesday June 26th to Friday 29th, 2018.

ACEI 2018 conference website .

Special Dates: Researchers with an interest on the economics of culture, as well as representatives of the cultural sector, such as arts administrators, business practitioners, consultants and policy-makers, will be invited to share their research and findings on the interactions between the practices of the cultural sector and economic analysis.

Young Researchers Workshop Call for Participants

Prizes and Honours

The ACEI awards regular prizes and creates Honorary Fellows from time to time.

The Presidents' Prize

This prize is awarded to the best paper in the judgement of a Committee consisting of the President, Past President and President-Elect that is presented at the biennial conference by a PhD or other postgraduate student. The prize includes: an announcement of the winner in the Journal of Cultural Economics (JCE) and other academic journals; a waiver of conference registration and conference banquet fees for the next conference; and an expedited process for refereeing the winning paper for possible publication in the JCE. The winner is announced at the ACEI's General Meeting during the conference.

Participants at the Young Researchers Workshop are encouraged to apply for the President’s Prize

The Pommerehne Prize

The prize is awarded to the paper published in the Journal of Cultural Economics in the 2 volumes preceding the biennial conference that is judged to be best. The winner receives a prize of US$1,000. The procedures are currently under review.

Previous conference information

The Association holds an international conference every two years. The 19th International Conference of ACEI was held in Valladolid, Spain, June 21-24 2016. The local organizer of the conference was the Universidad de Valladolid The 18th International Conference of ACEI was held in Montreal, Canada, June 24-27 2014. The local organizers of the conference were ESG UQAM at the Angara Classic SquareCut Garnet Halo Ring tpMQfl
. The 17th International Conference of ACEI was held in Kyoto, Japan, June 21-24 2012. The local organizers of the conference were Doshisha University and Angara Ruby Solitaire Earrings in Platinum o0B3uD4
. The 16th International Conference of ACEI was held at the Angara 3ProngSet Heart Emerald Ring in Platinum aGBIV
, Denmark, June 10-12 2010. The local organizers of the conference were Copenhagen Business School, Institute of Innovation and Organizational Economics, and the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics.

See History page for details of previous prize winners, workshops and symposia.

A workshop dedicated to young researchers will be held on Tuesday June 26th . The workshop will be chaired by Dr, Jordi McKenzie . For more details on the Young Researchers Workshop please contact Dr. McKenzie at .

Melia Robinson
Feb. 24, 2017, 3:31 PM

On March 5, 1973, Marlon Brando Angara PaveSet Diamond Pretzel Knot Ring iUoxjHE
for his gut-wrenching performance as Vito Corleone in "The Godfather." He did so for an unexpected reason.

In the 1960s, Brando's career had slid into decline. His previous two movies — the famously over-budget "One-Eyed Jacks" and "Mutiny on the Bounty" — tanked at the box office . Some critics "Mutiny" marked the end of Hollywood's golden age, and worse still, rumors of Brando's unruly behavior on set turned him into one of the least desirable actors to work with in some ways.

Brando's career needed saving. "The Godfather" was his defibrillator.

In the epic portrayal of a 1940s New York Mafia family directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Brando plays the patriarch, the original don. Though the film follows his son Michael (played by Al Pacino), Vito Corleone is its spine. A ruthless, violent criminal, he loves and protects the family by any means necessary. It's the warmth of his humanity that makes him indestructible — a paradox shaped by Brando's remarkable performance.

"The Godfather" grossed nearly $135 million nationwide and is heralded as one of the greatest films of all time. Pinned against pinnacles of the silver screen — Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier, and Peter O'Toole — Brando was favored to win best actor.

On the eve of the 45th Academy Awards, Brando announced that he would boycott the ceremony and send Sacheen Littlefeather , a little-known actress, in his place. She was the president of the National Native American Affirmative Image Committee.

On the evening of March 5, when Liv Ullman and Roger Moore read the name of the best-actor recipient, neither presenter parted their lips in a smile. Their gaze fell on a woman in Apache dress, whose long, dark hair bobbed against her shoulders as she climbed the stairs.


Moore extended the award to Littlefeather, who waved it away with an open palm. She set down a letter on the podium, introduced herself, and said :

"I'm representing Marlon Brando this evening and he has asked me to tell you ... that he very regretfully cannot accept this very generous award. And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry —"

The crowd booed. Littlefeather looked down and said, "Excuse me." Others in the audience began to clap, cheering her on. She continued only briefly, to "beg" that her appearance was not an intrusion and say that they would "meet with love and generosity" in the future.

Watch the scene unfold:

Why he did it

In 1973, Native Americans had "virtually no representation in the film industry and were primarily used as extras," Dina Gilio-Whitaker, a Native American studies scholar, wrote in a blog post on . "Lead roles depicting Indians in several generations of Westerns were almost always given to white actors."

After oil was first discovered in 1885 in northern Sumatra, the hydrocarbon sector became an important part of Indonesia's economy. Indonesia produced 911,000 barrels per day (b/d) of petroleum and other liquids in 2014, ranking as the 22nd-largest oil producer in the world in 2014 and accounting for about 1% of world production. Although Indonesia's petroleum and other liquids production has declined over the past two decades, the country continues to export crude oil and condensates within the region. Indonesia is also located along a strategic maritime transit route, the Strait of Malacca , which serves much of East Asia with oil imports from the Middle East.

Indonesia is scheduled to rejoin OPEC in December 2015, after suspending its membership in January 2009. Indonesia originally joined OPEC in 1962. The 2009 exit was prompted by growing internal demand for energy, declining production (most notably in mature fields), and limited investment to increase capacity. Indonesia had become a net oil importer by 2004 after domestic demand outstripped production, which has been on a general decline since 1991 (Figure 2). Indonesia claims that rejoining OPEC will strengthen its cooperation with oil-producing countries, provide greater access to crude oil supplies, and allow the country to be a link between energy producers and consumers. Indonesia currently buys crude oil and oil products through third-parties or traders and wants direct access to long-term crude oil supply contracts through negotiations made between national oil companies. These crude oil imports are needed to meet expected refining capacity additions from proposed upgrades and expansions slated to come online within the next decade. Indonesia also hopes to attract more infrastructure investment by OPEC members for its upstream and downstream energy infrastructure projects. OPEC notified Indonesia that it plans to accept the country's request to re-activate its membership with the organization as a full member at the next OPEC meeting in December 2015. Indonesia currently imports crude oil and refined products to meet domestic demand.

International oil companies, particularly Chevron and Total, dominate Indonesia's upstream oil sector. State-owned energy company Pertamina must balance its needs as a corporation against its mandate as a national oil company to meet domestic demand.

International oil companies (IOCs) in the Indonesian oil market include Chevron, Total, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and BP. Chevron is the largest oil producer in Indonesia, accounting for about 40% of the country's crude oil production in 2014. PT Pertamina (Pertamina), Indonesia's state-owned integrated energy supply company, accounted for approximately 30% of domestic crude oil production in 2014, according to company data, making the national oil company (NOC) the second-largest oil producer, Other IOCs involved in developing Indonesia's oil reserves are Total, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil. NOCs, such as the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), PetroChina, and South Korea 's KNOC, also hold upstream assets.

In addition to its upstream activities, Pertamina operates nearly all of Indonesia's refinery capacity, procures crude oil and product imports, and supplies petroleum products to the domestic market. Pertamina's monopoly in the retail market ended in 2004, but the company continued to be the sole distributor for subsidized fuels until early 2010. Pertamina must balance its own needs as a corporation to increase export profits with its mandate as a national oil company charged with meeting domestic demand.

The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is responsible for entering into production sharing contracts (PSCs) with interested oil companies. Indonesia's 2001 Oil and Gas Law significantly restructured Indonesia's upstream oil and natural gas sector, transferring the upstream regulatory role from Pertamina to BPMigas, a state-owned legal entity that was tasked with managing and implementing PSCs. Although Pertamina continues to be wholly state-owned, the 2001 law also established it as a limited liability corporation in 2003.

SKK Migas, a special task force that is operating until the government amends the 2001 Oil and Gas Law, is tasked with managing and implementing PSCs, determining sellers of government shares of oil and gas, and increasing oil and gas production for domestic demand. The President of Indonesia is ultimately responsible for formulating oil and gas regulatory policy, while parliament provides oversight and consent. Following a corruption case within SKK Migas and arrest of its former chairman in late-2013, the entity lost the right to market the country's unused oil and gas designated for domestic use within Indonesia. The government transferred exclusive domestic marketing rights to state-owned Pertamina. One of the new government's proposed reforms is to convert SKK Migas into a state-owned enterprise.

Oil production in Indonesia continued to decline in 2014 as there were no major new production projects to offset declines at older fields. Aging infrastructure and fields suggest the country will struggle to meet production targets in the short term.

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Jun 29, 2018

When it came to movies, 2017 was full of surprises. Well, 2017 was full of all kinds of surprises, but these are the pleasant ones. This was one of those years where many of the big blockbusters didn't disappoint, and each month on the calendar delivered something worth seeking out.

It was a good year for movies, all in all. So good that we couldn't find room for everything we wanted in here, including Lucky , Loving Vincent , I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore , and The Florida Project . Hell, even Valerian , Justice League , and The Greatest Showman have their defenders around these parts. While our critics have their own top 10 lists for the year , eventually the whole Den of Geek staff was able to settle on the broader list below. Not all of these were critical darlings, but they're the ones we enjoyed, can rewatch, and that sparked discussion and debate.

Loving Vincent I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore The Florida Project Valerian Justice League The Greatest Showman Den of Geek

Bonus entry!

One of the most successful anime films of all time (its original theatrical run was in 2016, but the 2017 English dub gets it in here on a technicality), Your Name got an American theatrical release in 2017, bringing writer-director Makoto Shinkai's fantastical tale of body-swapping teens to the U.S.

Your Name
Angara Double Milgrain Outline Cushion Peridot Solitaire Ring in Rose Gold jDQwgDDqtm
Powered by

The lives of Taki, a boy living in Tokyo, and Mitsuha, a girl growing up in rural mountain village, are forever changed when they begin to switch lives through a dream connection. The narrative zigs into the science fiction genre halfway through the film, keeping even the most savvy viewer on her toes with an unexpected, heart-wrenching twist. The film has already landed a live-action adaptation deal in Hollywood, but it will be impossible to top the vivid and vibrant imagery of this weird, wonderful anime story.

And now, on with the rest of our list...

Our review :

T2 looks and feels like a film stolen on the hoof, as though it might have been shot on weekends when the budget allowed. In a handful of scenes, this is to its detriment - an otherwise moving reprisal of the “Choose Life” bit from 1996 is marred by some distractingly obvious ADR - but overall, Boyle wins more than he loses with his fast-and-dirty approach. This may be a sequel to a 20 year-old film, but it still feels vital.

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